Open Source updates

With the coming summer heat we've been doing some tweaking to our open source Smallholder Sensor Framework code including our automated spray controller. We use this device to keep our chickens cool in the summer, and when there ware only two zones we needed to manage it was OK to hard-code the sensor to pump associations. As luck would have it a sensor broke and we also needed to extend coverage, so I rewrote the code and now nearly everything is configurable in the field with a serial connection.

Fourth Generation Greywater Controller

Around a decade ago Saki Envirotech came up with our first microprocessor based greywater controller. It has gone through a few generations since then as components and tools have improved. Our fourth generation version is now fully remote enabled, and has many more features that its ancestors, at a lower overall price.

What Bee?

Our newest range of products include radio connectivity that conforms to the ZigBee protocol, allowing multiple devices to build their own network to extend the reach well beyond that of traditional point-to-point systems. This provides a low-cost mechanism for connecting sensors, data collectors, and actuators into a self-healing and extensible network.

There are also many off-the-shelf ZigBee components that can plug into your network extending the capabilities without breaking the bank.

New look website

Saki Envirotech has been in business now for more than a decade, so we decided we needed to spruce up our image. Our new site is a work-in-progress so check back often to find out the latest news.

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