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Olive Picking 2015

On Monday this week we started our 2015 Olive Pick with the 250 or so Manzanillo trees. Really happy with the resulting quality and quantity - around 1200kgs so far which will be heading off to the processor on Thursday.

Luckily Honey was able to supervise the activity, despite the weather being coolish with a few showers.

It was a big day leaving everyone tired but happy (especially Honey - that supervising thing is hard work.)

Harvest Season 2015

Since the rains in January, we have not received much follow-up rain at all, but the trees have come through the hot weather well.

Conditions through the Autumn have been perfect for the ripening of the Olives, with temperatures averaging in mid to high twenties.

The fruit has been changing colour since March, and are now not far off picking.

We hope to start our harvest the second week of May.

January 2015 Rain

January, this year, saw us receive over 100mm of rain. This saw the Olive Trees receiving a drink that they definitely would not have had, as rainfall totals in this area, in 2014, were very low. Even in Spring our total rainfall was very poor, so a downpour in January, most unexpected in this area, was very welcome.

This year’s fruit is looking great and with this spell of very hot weather we are now experiencing should mean a good crop. Fingers crossed.